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Recruitment and selection
Recruitment, selection, Tehnika TEMP
Tehnika TEMP, recruitment, selection


TehnikaTEMP is the perfect region human resource partner in regards to automotive, pharma and industry staffing recruitment services. Our recruiters in Slovenia, Bosnia and Macedonia work on the basis of “perfect fit” approach, connecting a perfect candidate with a perfect employer. Due to vast industry knowledge that we have, our recruitment for permanent or temporary employment is tailored made for each and every client.

Investment in the right employees is one of the most important factors to your company’s success, selecting them is another story, so let us do our job and you do yours. We check candidates experience, expertise, special skills, character, work habits and his or hers values, we test them according to their position so the candidate fits in your organization culture. During the years we have developed recruitment processes for mass selection and dexterity testing of temporary agency workers and fine-tuned the recruitment processes for temporary candidates, where we use all the current tests to evaluate the potential candidates.


1. Local recruitment

TehnikaTEMP is present in Slovenia, but has its recruitment offices also in Bosnia and Macedonia, we manage and fully cover local markets. Our long-term presence gives us detailed knowledge in regards to each country economic, political state, candidate availability and average pay. Our TEMP office is situated in Ljubljana - Slovenia capital, our recruitment offices are located in Skopje – Macedonian capital and Banja Luka – Bosnia

2. Cross border recruitment

TehnikaTEMP also manages complete Adriatic - Balkan region. Our recruiters manage potential Croatian, Serbian or Bulgarian recruitment partly from one of the offices or from the country itself. As expert skills people are sometimes hard to find, there are a lot of cross borders recruitment, work migration is normal in this region.

3. Recruitment for European Union

Because of a good schooling system and developed industry in ex-Yugoslavia, candidates from Adriatic - Balkan region prove them self as reliable, skilled workers. The region offers hard working blue collar workers and a wide pallet of experts, educated workers (i.e. engineers, architects, pharmacists, and heavy metal industry experts). There is still a matter of EU work permits, which are 90% solvable, especially when we are permanently recruiting expert skilled workers such as welders, engineers, truck driver’s and similar from Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia. TehnikaTEMP employees work hand by hand with the client to obtain suitable work permits for selected candidates.

4. Headhunting recruitment

Headhunting is also a recruitment method which is applied, when the client employment needs for open job post are extremely specific. TehnikaTEMP recruiters actively engage in the process of direct searching and direct invitation of desired candidates, executing the invitation with extreme delicate approach. TehnikaTEMP recruiters take a role of an intermediary between the client and the candidate, helping them to close the deal.



TehnikaTEMP, recruitment of executives Executives (CEOs, CFOs, Directors and Board Members);
TehnikaTEMP, recruitment of senior managers Senior Managers (Sales Manager, Chief Accountant, PR Manager, etc.);
TehnikaTEMP, recruitment of lower-level managers Lower-Level Managers (Product Manager, Regional Manager);
TehnikaTEMP, recruitment of specialists Specialists in high-end niche sectors (Engineering, IT, Medical);
TehnikaTEMP, recruitment of profesionals Professionals without managerial responsibilities (Marketing Specialists, Accountants, Brand Managers);
TehnikaTEMP, recruitment of staff for the office Staff Office (Assistants, Secretaries, Administration Offices);
TehnikaTEMP, recruitment of production workers Production and factory workers;


TehnikaTEMP provides fast discreet and confidential solutions Providing fast discreet and confidential solutions to your recruitment needs, including language tests, 360 evaluation, psychological testing and dexterity testing
TehnikaTEMP provides recruitment process Being with you step by step during recruitment process, maintaining communication between the candidate and you
TehnikaTEMP provides wide list of potential candidates Wide list of potential candidates and selection of the three most suitable candidates for your needs accompanied by detailed report of every candidate
TehnikaTEMP provides detailed report for individual candidate Detailed report for individual candidate compiled from candidate background and skill set, selected test evaluation and recruiter recommendation
TehnikaTEMP provides a large pool of blue and white collar candidates A large pool of blue and white collar candidates from the Balkan region
TehnikaTEMP provides six month recruitment guarantee Six month recruitment guarantee (applies for executive, senior & lower manager, professionals and specialist recruitment)
TehnikaTEMP job advertising channels:
ThenikaTEMP uses local job advertising web portals Local job advertising web portals (mojedelo.com, mojposao.hr, infostud.rs…)   TehnikaTEMP Issue profile TehnikaTEMP Issue profile: https://issuu.com/tehnikatemp
TehnikaTEMP uses local radio station  for job advertising Local radio station are used when recruiting locally near the client factory   TehnikaTEMP YouTube channel TehnikaTEMP YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0QstbQx4xqXNFb5t303qxg
TehnikaTEMP uses printed leaflets for job advertising Printed leaflets are used when recruiting in rural areas   TehnikaTEMP Blogger page TehnikaTEMP Blogger page: http://tehnikatemp.blogspot.co.id/
TehnikaTEMP Facebook page TehnikaTEMP Facebook page (we invest in payable FB adds to boost open job add): https://www.facebook.com/tehnikatemp   TehnikaTEMP LinkedIn page TehnikaTEMP LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/17915110/?pathWildcard=17915110/
TehnikaTEMP Twitter profile TehnikaTEMP Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/TehnikaTemp      

TenikaTEMP - Recruitment process

TenikaTEMP - Recruitment process in Slovenia Analysis of job requirement and job specification   TenikaTEMP - Recruitment process - interviews, tests, assessments Interviews, tests, assessments
TenikaTEMP - Recruitment process in Bosnia The search of potential matchmaking between industries   TenikaTEMP - Recruitment process and report of selected candidates Report preparation for three selected candidates
TenikaTEMP - Recruitment process in Macedonia Job adds distribution (local job portals, Tehnika’s online and social media network, if needed: radio ads and flyer distribution)   TenikaTEMP - Recruitment process and client decision Client decision
TenikaTEMP - Recruitment process - preselection process Pre-selection process   TenikaTEMP - Recruitment process Finalization


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